Translation of the random acronyms you see

Since I’m starting to share the blog with some people that don’t necessarily frequent the Nest or any baby-related message boards, I’ve created this as a guide to the acronyms we use when describing the whole trying-to-conceive and baby worlds.

DISCLAIMER:  Some of the acronyms I use in my posts refer to intimate details of bodily functions.  It’s all perfectly scientific, even if it does seem a little like voodoo at times.  If you are squeemish or faint of heart, just ignore the acronyms and go about your business.  98% of the time it’s not essential to understanding the gist of my posts!

TTC = Trying to Conceive, i.e. the entire process of learning your cycles and makin’ a baby.

Charting = Okay so this isn’t really an acronym, but it’s important.  It refers to the process of taking your temperature every morning and monitoring other fertility signs like CM (more on this later) so that you can keep track of it in a chart in order to determine the best time in the cycle for conception.

BBT = Basal body temperature, or your temperature upon waking in the morning.  This is taken daily and then charted on a graph to help identify where you are in your cycle.  Particularly good indicator that you’ve already ovulated if your temps in the morning become significantly higher than temps earlier in the cycle.  A temp dip at the end of the cycle generally means mensturation will start in about 24hours (meaning you’re not pregnant).  High temperatures for 18 or more days after the ovulation date is a good indicator that pregnancy has occured.

BFP = Big Fat Positive.  As in, a positive pregnancy test

BFN = Big Fat Negative.  A negative pregnancy test.

AF = “Aunt Flo”, a tongue-in-cheek slang phrase refering to your period.

PG = Pregnant

KU = Knocked Up, an oft-used but somewhat touchy phrase meaning pregnant.  Made popular by the hilarious Katherine Heigl movie of same title, and by pregnant 16 year olds everywhere.

HPT = Home pregnancy test.  I generally refer to taking an HPT as simply “testing.”

POAS = Pee On A Stick, i.e. take a home pregnancy test.

OPK = Ovulation predictor kit.  Similar in design to a  home pregnancy test, but is used to indicate ovulation as opposed to pregnancy.

BD = Baby Dancing, i.e. having sex for the means of procreation.

CM or CF = Cervical mucus or cervical fluid.  An excellent indicator of a woman’s fertile window, requiring a rather undignified process to check and evaluate (you don’t wanna know, trust me.)  EWCM or “eggwhite cervical mucus” appears when you are most fertile and odds of conceiving are very high.

CD = Cycle Day, i.e. where you are in your cycle related to menstruation and ovulation.

O day = Ovulation day

DPO = Days past ovulation.  A particular point of obsession when you are waiting to take a pregnancy test, because it is only really accurate starting at about 10 days past your ovulation date, and it is generally accepted that you should wait at least 14 days past ovulation. Taking a test earlier than that can give you a false negative.

LP = Leuteal phase.  The length of time between ovulation and the beginning of the next cycle at the onset of mestruation.  This is an important number, because if the LP is less than 10 days it can indicate a possible fertility problem.

M/C = Miscarriage.  

CP = Chemical pregnancy, a type of miscarriage.

2WW or 2ww = Two Week Wait.  The period of time between the ovulation date and the date on which you can get the most accurate results from a pregnancy test.  Most people trying to conceive (called TTCers) have a hard time sitting out the 2ww without testing early!  The 2ww is torture most of the time.  Which means you spend about half your TTC life living in a state of mental torture.  It’s joy.  Don’t you want to do it now??

TCOYF = Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  A book that is considered the foremost guide to learning about your cycles and teaching you how to chart them.  There is a software program associated with TCOYF that automatically charts your cycle for you.  It’s a glorious thing.

FF = Fertility Friend.  Another decent but slightly less reliable software program for charting.


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