The end of an era

This is it, today is the last day that my friend B and I will both be pregnant at the same time.  I must say this is a bittersweet day.  B and I found out that we were both pregnant four days apart, and our due dates were set for the same day for a long time (until they “changed” mine to the day before).  We’ve had every single pregnancy moment at almost precicely the same time.  I half expected us to go into labor on the same day!  But alas, B is in labor as we speak, and after today she will no longer be pregnant with me.  But I am thrilled for her and A that baby Camy will be here TODAY!!  I cannot wait to meet her.  It is an exciting, happy, happy day!!

So here I am, waiting to get the call that I can go to the hospital and meet Baby Camy, and I find myself pondering.  I realized that this may very well be the last post I make while pregnant.  That’s a surreal and very sobering thought.  Or, I could be pregnant for another two weeks and some days – and that’s an even more sobering thought.  OR, I could go into labor right.this.second, and that’s an even more surreal feeling.  I’m sort of floating around in a strange bubble now, just waiting for that BAM! moment to happen and for me to go into labor.  It’s sort of unnerving, actually, this whole not knowing what’s going to happen or when.  I can’t just sit around waiting for it, but I can’t go on about my business and plan my day, week, and life like normal.  It’s torture.  And I can’t imagine how much more unnerving this would be if I actually knew how much progress I’ve made.  Talk about putting the pressure on…

The end does not feel like it is in sight.  It still feels like I’m just hanging out, pregnant, and that ohhhh, someday I’ll have a baby.  There is absolutely no sense of an impending event at all.  Is this normal?  Shouldn’t I be like, “OMG GET THIS KID OUT OF ME!!!” or “OMG, I am thisclose to my due date!!” or “Wow, I could have this kid tomorrow!! Or Today!!”  While I know these things cognitively, there really isn’t a sense of connection to reality for me.  It’s weird.  But this is possibly a lesson in mental peace for me.  I really don’t feel all that anxious to get things moving.  I guess I know deep down that the longest I could possibly be pregnant at this point is another 18 or 19 days, maximum.  That’s not that long.  And something keeps telling me (veeerrry quietly) that I’m not going to go 14 days past my due date.  I’m holding out hope that September 5th is the day.  That just seems….right.  And I’m relatively content to wait until then. 

And so without further adieu, I give you the very last pregnant picture.  I am 39 weeks and 2 days give or take.  It doesn’t get much bigger than this.  Enjoy!!

39 weeks 3 days


2 thoughts on “The end of an era

  1. You look beautiful, Momma! I’m so impressed with your calm attitude. And as long as we’re taking bets, I’m going with Sept. 4th (full moon and all…lol)!

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