Q&A time!

I’ve yet to do one of these, but now seems like a perfect opportunity.  So, enjoy this Q&A that I swiped from B’s blog…

How far along?: 38 weeks 2 days (or 38 weeks 1 day, can’t remember, don’t care.  It’s been a long damn time.)
Total weight gain: 42 lbs as of last week.  A little more than I wanted, but I would not have missed out on a single one of those cupcakes or milkshakes.
How big is baby?:  No clue.  One midwife at the doc’s office said she’d probably be born an 8 pounder, but the MW last week said “This is not a big baby at all.”  So no idea.  But I don’t think she’s very big. Yet.
Stretch marks?: Not any more than I had prior to pregnancy.  I can thank being overweight for most of my adolecent/young adult life for those.
Sleep?:  Not too bad.  I occasionally wake up and have to pee at 3am, but not every night.  I mostly just wake up briefly and need to turn over frequently.  But I think I’m still getting okay sleep.
Best moment this week?:  Hearing that my neice Sierra has been born!  She arrived early Monday morning. 🙂  And I didn’t even feel the slightest bit of the expected jealousy about my sister in law having an outside baby while mine is still hanging out n the inside… lol
Movement?: Of course.  There isn’t much room left in there now, so the movements are mostly stretches and an occasional jab.  Not so much kicking and rolling anymore.
Food cravings?:  Do you know me?  Do I even have to answer this?  No unusual cravings, I just like to eat.  Actually the slight food aversions of the 1st trimester have come around again – nothing really puts me off completely, but I have a hard time finding things that sound appetizing these days.
Labor signs?: Who knows!  I don’t feel a whole lot going on down in the cervix area, though last week I did have a tiny bit of a sore/tingly/stingy sensation occasionally.  But I don’t feel the bowling ball in my crotch like a few gals I know are starting to sense.  I still can’t identify if I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions, as what I feel sounds nothing like what others describe as BH.  I DO however think I’ve had a couple of real contractions (ahem, I mean “surges”) that feel more like menstrual cramps.  So….maybe labor signs?  I dunno.
Belly button in or out?:  In.  I still have my weird “B belly” that I’ve had since losing over 60 lbs all those years ago.  Just a weirdly shaped bulge that never went away.  It’s rounded out a bit now, though.  Not entirely.  Without a maternity pant band over it, I still have a clear deliniation between the area above my belly button and the area below.
What I miss: Uhh, again – do you know me?  I miss alcohol.  Duh.  Oh, and being able to bend over at the waist.  Driving is getting difficult, not because I am so huge I’m too far from the steering wheel, but because I can’t lean forward enough to change the radio dials.
What I’m looking forward to: Being done. And drinking again.  And of course actually finally being a mom!  I am ready for an outside baby! 
Milestone: Nothing major, unless you count being 11 days from my Due Date.  Believe me, that’s a big damn deal. 🙂

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