We’re down to single-digit weekly counts, folks!!

Lately, I haven’t felt that there was much blog-worthiness going on.  But reading through my pals’ pregnancy blogs I realized that I need to get on the ball and be a better blogger.  And if having reached my single-digit weekly countdown milestone isn’t reason enough to blog, I don’t know what is!

That’s right – we officially have 9 weeks left before we meet Annabelle.  I can hardly believe it.  I think about the time remaining ALL the time, and some days it seems like still so far away, and other days it seems like it’ll be here before we know it.  I mean, it seems like just last week we were finding out Annabelle is a girl, yet that was 11 weeks ago.  We have sooooo much left to do and I really hope 9 weeks is enough!  I keep reminding myself that they really need very little aside from a safe place to sleep, a clean diaper,  a boob, and a parent to love on them for the first few weeks.  Everything else pretty much is just the trappings of our consumerist society that leads us to believe that your child needs 18 types of strollers and 40 different places to sleep.  Really as long as they are safe, warm, dry, fed, and loved, you’re all good.  I think we can handle that!  So Annabelle, if you want to come early (but not too early….sayyy, right at 37 weeks?) that’d be okay with Mom and Dad.

One thing I am NOT ready for is to give up my birthing class.  Some of you know that we decided to take a class that teaches the  natural childbirthing method known as Hypnobirthing.  In spite of its misleading name, the class does not teach you how to give birth while hypnotized – rather it teaches various forms of visualization and deep relaxation to help your body do the work of labor effectively and less painfully.  I’ll talk more about Hypnobirthing in another post, since I’ve had lots of questions about it lately.  Anyway, we recently finished our 5 week course, and I really feel like I need more guided practice with the relaxation techniques, so the instructors welcomed us to come back to the next round of classes at any time!  I’m super happy about this.  I’m just not ready to check this off my list yet, and I want to be as practiced and focused as possible when it comes time for labor and delivery.  I feel like the more prepared I am, the more likely it will be that I get the birth experience I want.  So, back to class I go!

As for actual pregnancy, I really feel like not much has happened at all up until now, and now things seem to be moving at a more accellerated pace.  Five weeks ago I still could pass easily as just fat and not pregnant.  Now, there is no mistaking that I have a baby bump.  On the other hand, people keep exclaiming how tiny I am to be 31 weeks pregnant!  I mean, I’m not a large person anyway, but this baby is carrying so far back that I don’t look as far along as I am I guess.  At a wedding last weekend, one of the bridesmaids was 21 weeks along, and her bump was as big if not a tiny bit bigger than mine!  I’m kind of proud that I’m not huge yet – but in a way it’s kind of worrying!  It gives me this irrational fear that Annabelle isn’t growing right – but I know that’s not really true because at each OB appoinment my fundal height measures perfectly on track, and she kicks the bejezus out of me all. the. time. so I know she’s strong and healthy. 🙂

Other changes are occuring.  I can no longer get up off the floor by myself.  I can no longer slouch in my chair or bend over very far.  I can’t touch the floor (unless I squat, which in and of itself is not an easy feat), and I no longer remember what it’s like to NOT be pregnant.  I also have started to have trouble sleeping in just the last week or so.  It’s difficult to change positions at night (which unfortunately I have to do frequently so I don’t get too sore laying in one position or another), and I’ve started waking up when Annabelle sinks to one side of my abdomen and lays on a rib or other internal organ.  The biggest problem has been with my digestive system.  I already have IBS, and having a baby sitting on various parts of my bowels at any given time is NOT helping their disfunction.  So as a result, I wake up at least once a night with gas pains or just pressure on my bowels that makes changing position painful but necessary.  A few times I’ve even had pain so bad that I’ve almost made Mr. K take me to the hospital – but the OB assures me it is just gas pressure.  I am terrified every time it happens, and I hope it doesn’t happen too many more times over the next 9 weeks!  I hope things go back to a bit more normalcy in my abdomen once she’s out!

The one thing I truly can be thankful for and proud of is the fact that I have not swollen at all yet!!!  Even the midwife at my last appointment was surprised.  When she pulled out the footrest on the exam table and I held out my legs, she said, “My goodness!  It’s June in Texas and it’s 104 degrees outside, and YOU still have ANKLES!!”  It. was. awesome.  I can even still wear my rings most of the time, although I do admit they are getting a bit tight.  That only really happens when I’ve been out in the heat, though, which I think would happen to anyone.  I can still most definitely wear all my shoes, however some of my cuter shoes with heels are not comfortable anymore just due to the extra 35 lbs I’m toting around.  Luckily I’m home most of the day so I stick to flip flops, and luckily I thought ahead to buy some cute leather Bernardo flip flops earlier this spring, so I can wear those with my sundresses and such when I go out.

And so, I’ll close with a few recent pictures.  The first set was taken about 4 weeks ago (at 26 weeks 5 days) by my wonderful and talented friend Elyse of Constance Elyse Photography.  The last is the obligatory headless self-portrait, taken about a week ago at 30 weeks on the dot.  Enjoy!



One thought on “We’re down to single-digit weekly counts, folks!!

  1. You look gorgeous, Momma!! Glad to hear things are going so smoothly (aside from internal gastric distress) and that you are loving your HB classes. 🙂

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