In honor of beginning my 3rd trimester…

Things in pregnancy at which I have failed miserably:

  • Drinking enough water
  • Getting enough calcium
  • Not gaining more than 25 lbs (we’re at 30 and counting, folks, with 12 weeks go go)
  • Walking/excercising most days of the week
  • Talking to the baby
  • Maintaining the “cute preggo” look (consistently mani/pedi’ed, coiffed, and sufficiently made-up)
  • Staying awake. For anything.
  • Avoiding the “I’m pregnant therefore you have to kiss my ass” attitude

Things in this pregnancy at which I have succeeded:

  • Sleeping (this is perhaps my single most important accomplishment this entire pregnancy)
  • Remaining relatively calm
  • Learning to love ice cream
  • Never asking my husband to leave the house at 2am for pickles
  • Reading just about everything I can related to labor and birth
  • Eating
  • Thinking about eating
  • Talking about eating
  • Thinking about talking about eating
  • Pretty much anything related to eating
  • Not missing wine *too* much
  • Building a solid home foundation for my kiddo
  • Appreciating my husband
  • Feeling grateful for my wonderful friends
  • Remembering to savor each day, because I’ll only be pregnant with my first child once

Oh, good.  My successes outweigh my failures!  Off to munch another chocolate rice cake.


2 thoughts on “In honor of beginning my 3rd trimester…

  1. I’m kinda enjoying your new found mom-ittude! You’ve succeeded in making me the worlds most blessed Mom and most excited Grandma! I luv U.

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