More nursery progress!

 I am long overdue for a post.  Forgive me, dear blog.

So I mentioned last time that I had gotten this wild hair up my rear and decided to sew my own baby bedding.  (NO, the crying and begging and whining for custom made baby bedding from did not have even the slightest effect on Mr. K.)  Anyway, I’m happy to say that it’s actually looking pretty darn great!!  So far Mom and I have gotten through about 2/3 of the quilt and most of the crib skirt.  We’ll be using an existing bumper that I bought with another really crappy and cheap set, and just recovering it.  I’m STOKED!!  And even better, Mom and I have not killed each other yet (although I’ve come close.  Love you Mom!)  Here are some pics so far (sorry for the poor picture quality; I am too lazy to Lightroom them):


Crib, with bedskirt sewn together and in place!  Yes, the wall color really truly is that icky.  Can’t wait to paint!!!



Just a small pic of the crib at a different angle, so you can see the “dip” in the front railing.

crib closeup


Dresser, obviously.




Aaannnd, this last one above is a horrendous pic of the quilt.  The color in this photo is all wrong, but again, I’m too lazy to edit.  The border is much more of a lavender purple with tiny white dots as opposed to a bright periwinkle, which is what it looks like to me here.  The quilt is taking forever.  First we had to cut all the pieces from the pattern, which we ended up doing slightly incorrectly because we didn’t realize the cuts had to be precise.  So the corners of the different fabric on one corner don’t line up exactly, and the whole thing is not the exact dimensions of the pattern, but it’ll be fine and you can’t tell unless you look REALLY closely at the where the edges don’t line up precicely.  The part I’m working on now is embroidering the flowers on the corners, which Mom cut from the cute floral fabric in the middle, obviously.  We felt like the purple dot fabric needed a little something extra.  I’m currently going around the edges of the flowers with an embroidery stitch to attach each flower.  The last steps will be attaching the batting and the back panel, and then at the very end I’m going to do dark purple french knots straight through the whole shebang in the center of the flowers and tie them off on the back side of the quilt, so it gives it that sort of “quilted” look and secures the batting in place between the front and back.  Yes, I realize that I am maybe kind of a little bit insane.

I’m going to start the bumper today!!  We’re making progress!

As for the walls, I have a few ideas.  First, I wanted to do beadboard like this, but not so high and in white:


Then I saw something like this wainscotting and fell in love too:

Pique Madison Nursery


Or this – I love the shelf above the wainscotting:

Pink Daisy Garden Bedroom


Then I saw this, and decided this would be about 1000 times easier:

Brooke Nursery

So we’ll probably just be doing something like the above, but in purple/green to match the quilt, obviously.  However, priority #1 at the moment is getting the downstairs of our house painted (livingroom, dining, kitchen, and master bedroom).  Once we get on that, we can easily paint the baby’s room ourselves in a weekend or two, I think.  🙂  I hope.


One thought on “More nursery progress!

  1. Love that you are making your bedding! If I knew how to sew I would so make stuff myself! I vote for the #2 picture. There is some AMAZING wall paper out there right now that would totally go great with what you are doing. And doing the top half wall paper with the wainescoting on the bottom would look great. I actually wanted to do that, but ran out of time and my prints I think are enough in the room to where I dont need it. But I just love the idea! Cant wait to see more as it comes along!

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