Survey says….GIRL!!

The results of the second ultrasound are in…and we are officially having a GIRL!!  We are thrilled beyond belief. 🙂

We are still in the process of deciding whether we will be switching doctors or not.  Leaning towards switching at this point, given the horrible experiences we’ve had with Dr. S’s office. (For those of you reading that know all about the wonders of the OTHER Dr. S – the Fertility God of Austin Dr. S – I am not referring to him.  HE’s apparently the bomb-diggity, and I would never in a million expect anyone in his office to be as big of a witch as the u/s tech at MY Dr. S’s office.  Just wanted to clarify that.)

Anyway we’ve been touring hospitals and talking to a few other docs so we can hopefully figure this thing out soon.  Otherwise when it comes time to deliver I may just have to squat it out in the woods somewhere.  I’m sure stranger things have happened, but I’m thinkin’ we’re going to try to avoid that.  I have to admit after a visit to Cedar Park Regional (where my friend B will be delivering), I was definitely caught in the trapings of all the glories those labor and delivery rooms had to offer!  (Um, in-room blanket warmers??  YES PLEASE.)  They pretty much had me at hello – oh and at “yes you can refuse the IV no problem.”  Me=sucker for agreeable doctors.  Now if they tell me I can have a glass or two of wine in labor in lieu of an epidural, I am all over that.

In other news, I have decided to do something positively insane:  make my own baby bedding.  I know.  I’m crazy.  This kind of goes along the same lines as doing everyone else’s makeup at my own wedding and designing my own website – probably way more effort than need be.  But alas, Mr. K will not agree to $350 custom-designed personalized baby bedding from Etsy, so I compromised by buying myself a sewing machine and attempting to do this myself.  Luckilly Mom (sort of) knows what she’s doing with a sewing machine and a pattern, otherwise this project would be like my attempts at scrapbooking – a lot of fun in theory, but really not feasible for me at all.  Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how all this goes.  Is it weird that I’ll gladly pay someone else to wash my kid’s diapers and clean my house, but I yet I want to make my own baby bedding?

Sooo, that’s it for now!  I”ll try to remember to have Mr. K take more frequent belly pics now that I actually look pregnant and not just fat.  Stay tuned for Belly Watch 2009!


21 weeks 1 day


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