We have movement!!

Again, this is also something I needed to have posted earlier, but…well…uh… yeah no excuse.  Anyway, I need to get on this kind of thing so that I can document exactly when stuff happens!  So, we’ll just say that I was so happy to finally feel the baby move a couple of weeks ago!!  I think the first time it happened was at about 17 weeks 3 days, which was a couple of Fridays ago.  I was in the car at the stopsign around the corner from our house, and I felt this weird swirlly movement in my abdomen that was not immediately followed by gas.  I was about 99% sure it was baby movement, but I was holding out to feel it again to make sure it wasn’t something totally random.  Sure enough, as I was laying on the couch that weekend I felt it again!  Since then I have felt it off and on, mostly just when I lay on my back (which I’m not supposed to do at this point) while I’m watching TV.  I’ve felt it a few times while sitting or leaning over, but not much.  Sooo, I guess we have movement!  I can’t wait to see it on the ultrasound screen again! Our anatomy scan is scheduled for April 15, which is next Wednesday.  We can’t wait!!


19 weeks 1 day


One thought on “We have movement!!

  1. Hooray for movement! I was able to feel him moving a lot in the mornings, if I laid on my side when I was at the same stage as you. Something about the counter-pressure of your stomach be pressed up by the bed may make you feel Baby Pixie even more! So excited for next week’s u/s!

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