Nursery Progress!

Okay, well “progress” probably isn’t an accurate term for accomplishing something in a project that hasn’t even been started yet. But, exciting nonetheless! We bought nursery furniture yesterday!! Omigosh I am SO excited. It’s ridiculous how much I enjoyed shopping for something that isn’t shoes, clothes, or house gadgets.

The process of the crib-buying was remarkably less painful than I anticipated. You see, purchasing furniture is like an experiment in torture for me, and especially for Mr. K. First of all, we NEVER agree on style, color, size, or price when it comes to purchasing a piece of furniture. It was like this with our bed. Basically we shopped online and in every major furniture store in a 150 mile radius for months, ordered and paid for 2 sets of furniture, and then cancelled both of them, and then shopped some more before we finally picked one out. It was insanity. Everytime we found something we remotely liked, we’d have to alter it or do something funky to mis-match stuff for it to come close to meeting my “vision” of what I wanted the bedroom to look like. I really thought the nursery would be the same kind of thing, especially because we got off to a very rocky start with discussing nursery furniture.

I brought home a catalogue one day that had some cribs I really liked, and I wanted to get K’s opinion. These cribs were the only ones I’d found that looked like nice, quailty furniture (unlike the Babies R Us cribs), but were still at affordable prices. K hated EVERY SINGLE ONE. This one’s too dark, that one is too high in the back, this other one looks too “mature,” that one’s too “yuppie.” I tried to reason with him by explaining that we ARE in fact yuppies… but apparently he wasn’t having it. He also wanted a traditional drop-side crib (“because they look more like cribs”) and I wanted a convertable lifetime crib (because they look more like real furniture, and because it would take the kid all the way to college, AND because I think the traditional ones look like jail cells…) Anyway.

Resigning myself to the idea that a dropside, traditional crib was going to have to be the way to go, and that we should just cheap out and get the least expensive decent-quality one, and then worry about real furniture in a couple of years when the kiddo outgrows the crib, we decided to take a trip down south to USA Baby “just to see.” I wasn’t holding out any hope since the USA Baby website is completely useless, and what more could they have than what I’d seen online? I was totally taken aback. They had TONS of baby furniture and other cool accessories. Lots of good stuff. Only problem is, the first five cribs we looked at were upwards of $900! Even OUR bed didn’t cost $900. So we cruised the store about twice and discussed different options, and finally agreed that the tops we were wanting to spend on a crib alone was about $450 or so. Lo and behold, there I saw it: A beautiful crib that I didn’t hate on first sight! Quick, check the pricetag…. less than $500!! Score!! I even liked the way it looked when converted to a full-size bed, which was a huge bonus. After a brief debate about what which accessory pieces to purchase, we ended up with the crib, the conversion rails, and the tall dresser, which we thought will work better once Baby Pixie is older, since the long, low dresser that went with the set didn’t really have very convenient drawer space. I think I’ll look for an inexpensive changing station to use, since we didn’t get the low dresser that could have been used for a changing table. It’ll get chucked, sold, or crammed in the garage after a couple of years anyway, so I’m not worried too much about getting something to match the crib and dresser exactly.

Here’s a picture of the furniture:



Now all that’s left is to decide on decor colors, paint, and find a glider! But we’ll have to wait until we know if Baby Pixie has, as Mr. K says, a hot dog or a hamburger!


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