It’s already changing

This is just a random post about a random thought I just had. I’m answering emails and working at home today while absentmindedly watching the movie The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. There’s this scene in the movie where all four of the main character’s children are sick all at the same time. She’s got one kid in the bath because he pooped on himself, one crying and screaming, one puking in the toilet, and then the fourth runs in and starts puking too. THEN the main character steps in the poopy pajamas from the first kid. It’s pretty gross.

I’ve seen this movie a hundred times and every single time I’ve watched it before, I always have to avert my eyes during the sick scene because it is GROSS with a capitol G. I even feel like puking myself! Today as I watched it, I was completely taken by surprise – I watched the whole thing without turning away, and without feeling ill. I kept thinking that at some point, my kid is going to puke on me, snot on me, pee or poop on me, or excrete some random fluid from any number of random orifices, and that honestly I don’t think it will bother me much. I’m changing into a mother already. I mean, I don’t want YOUR kid puking on me, but still – four months ago it would have grossed me out a lot more!


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