Dear Baby Pixie,

Mommy is almost 10 weeks along, which means you will have been living in mommy for 8 weeks as of tomorrow! In some ways it feels like you’ve been hanging around for a lot longer than that. But in other ways it seems like you’re still all new to me. It’s strange to think that you are an actual human being and that you’re inside my body – I have no idea what’s going on in there, and I wish I could see you and talk to you and find out all about you. I mean, you’re a person to me, but I know nothing about you, except that you have fingers and toes and elbows and that you’re probably kicking around a lot, even though I can’t feel it yet. I wish I could knock on a door in my uterus and come into your “room” and learn all about you. I’d ask you how it’s going in there, and find out if you’re warm enough (because Mommy’s cold all the time), and ask you what you thought about the Thai food I had for dinner on Saturday. Did you feel okay when I got sick from allergies last week? Can you tell when I’m happy or sad? What do you like to do in there? And how do you really feel about the yellow color of your nursery? (Mommy hates it, by the way.)

Even though I can’t really talk to you, you’re still a pretty good “houseguest.” You don’t keep me up at night, you really don’t wear me out as much as I anticipated you would, and aside from some minor gas and bloating (which possibly could have been your way of telling me you don’t like Thai), you’ve had very little affect on my digestive system or upchuck reflex. You’re such a quiet, unobtrusive visitor that I can barely tell that you’re even there! I can’t wait to at least hear your heartbeat again when we visit the doctor in a couple of weeks.

Last night Daddy and I talked a lot about names for you. If you’re a girl we already know what your name will be – Dad came up with that one even before we ever knew about you. (You see, something that you’ll come to learn about your Dad is that he thinks he is “psychic” and he gets these premonitions that we should do something a certain way, and that’s all there is to it. Your girl name was like that.) If you’re a boy, though, I’m certain you’re going to give us a tough time from day one because we can’t agree on a boy name! I think that the fact that Dad was so sure about your girl name and the fact that we can’t come up with a boy name must mean that you are a girl. We won’t know for a while though! I’m sure though that if you are a boy we’ll figure out something perfect. Maybe Dad needs to meditate on his psychic premonitions again.

No matter what or who you are, you have lots and lots of people here who can’t wait to meet you! You’ll have lots of friends to play with and lots of grammies and grandpies and aunties and uncles to love you. We can’t wait to show you to Uncle Lee especially. He was here this weekend to visit and we think he needs to get one just like you. Aunt Jess and Uncle Keith already want to babysit you when you arrive! (Well, Aunt Jess wants to babysit you but Uncle Keith isn’t so sure… but you can help teach him all about babies!) And of course your Nonnie and Poppa and Grandma and Grandpa are the most excited. You are their first grandbaby and they can hardly wait!

So little Baby Pixie (Aunt Daria and Aunt Desma and your other Knottie Aunties named you this), take care in there and keep growing. We’ll see you in 30 weeks!



4 thoughts on “Dear Baby Pixie,

  1. Aw, so sweet. I love “Daddy’s premonitions”–too funny. And the idea of knocking on your ute and hanging out in there with Pixie–loves it!!

  2. Dear Baby Pixie, we can’t wait to meet you!!! Especially Shelby. She’s hoping you are a girl so she can pass down her “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” onesie. Hugs to you and your Mommy. She will feel you soon enough! 🙂

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