First OB appointment = kind of a let-down.

We had our first “official” OB appointment on Wednesday of last week.  I was twelve kinds of excited because I thought we were going to be getting another ultrasound at the appointment and I really wanted to see my little blob again.  The ultrasound tech at the last appointment had just gone on and on about how great the next appointment was going to be because the u/s was going to be 3D, and we’d be able to see a little more, etc. etc.  (FYI the first u/s I had a few weeks ago was just a confirmation appointment, and was only done because #1 – I had the chemical pregnancy in October, and #2 asked for bloodwork to confirm that the hormone levels were okay so the nurse offered me an u/s right after the bloodwork so that we could see that everything was okay.  So I figured it didn’t really count.)  I just thought it was a little strange how the u/s tech just wouldn’t stop talking about how great my next appointment would be because of that u/s, because I knew that most OB offices only do one or two u/s for your entire pregnancy, unless something goes wrong.  But whatever, I thought – I’ll take as many ultrasounds as they want to give me!

So here we were all jazzed up, and we meet with the first nurse on Wednesday and I asked about how soon we could get an u/s confirming the gender of the baby…as in what week?  She just looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Well the only u/s you will get during your pregancy is at 20 weeks, so that’s when it will be.”  I gave her a confused look and told her that I’d already had one u/s, and that I was told there would be another today.  I must have sounded really upset (which I was if I wasn’t getting my promised u/s!) and she started babbling about how I had only heard what I wanted to hear and she didn’t know why I would EVER think I would be special enough to get more than the one allotted ultrasound.  WTF?!?  “Heard what I wanted to hear???”  I felt like saying, “Okay [insert nasty name], I HEARD that because that is what the witch of an ultrasound tech SAID TO ME, not because it’s just what I wanted to hear!  How dare you tell me that I’m delusional!!”  I was PISSED. (Thank you, pregnancy hormones, for once again heightening my emotional response to everything.)

Soooo, long story short I did not get an ultrasound, which was disappointing and pissed me off.  I did get to meet with one of the midwives for my exam (internal, not so fun because I had to pee BADLY).  The midwife was very very nice and we had a good appointment other than that.  (I did tell her that I think they need to inform the u/s tech not to spout off about stuff she isn’t certain about, and to stop telling people things that aren’t true.) I THINK the midwife said at my appointment a few weeks from now we’ll get to hear the heartbeat on the doppler…but then again it just may have been what I “wanted to hear.”

8 weeks 6 days pregnant


4 thoughts on “First OB appointment = kind of a let-down.

  1. Boo for bitchy nurses and no ultrasounds! I’m sorry–that must have been super disappointing! I hope you do get to hear the heartbeat at your next appt!

  2. So, let me get the math right–20 weeks is in April. That means in April we will get to know the sex of my sweet grand baby! Yippie! Damn those bitchy OB nurses. I excited you have a midwife. What are your thoughts on home birth?

    • I have briefly considered home birth, especially after watching the documentary “The Business of Being Born.” But I think we get the best of both worlds by being with my current OB. We’ll deliver in a hospital where there is all the technology available should we need it, but we’ll still get that “natural” birth experience with trained professionals who trust the body to do what it needs to do without medical intervention.

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