Long time no blog.

So apparently I suck at blogging now. I promised to post with an update on telling Mr.K’s parents about our little bundle of joy and never really got around to it. I also had promised myself that I would blog about my pregnancy so that I could remember everything, but you see where that’s gone. But!! I am here to rectify that now. So, this will mostly be a boring catch-up post. I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible.

After a rather uneventful Christmas with my parents, we patiently awaited Mr.K’s parents arrival, bursting with our news. We wanted to wait until we saw them in person to tell them so that Mom A could be “within grabbing range” of me (as K put it). We picked them up at the airport, lunched at the Salt Lick (where the best I could do was order a root beer, even though I was DYING for an iced tea) and then headed home. They wanted to stop and buy us some Christmas presents, so we hit up Home Depot (drill for DH) and Bed Bath and Beyond (blender for me). We couldn’t wait to get back to the house and give them their belated Christmas present. I had purchased some baby blankets, a rattle, and two bibs that said “Grandpa is my Hero” and “Grandma’s Cutie” and wrapped them up so that Mom and Dad A would open them and be surprised. FINALLY we got back to the house and said, “We have one last Christmas present for you.” Mom opened it and immediately got the clues! It was great! They both hugged us and asked all kinds of questions. After a few minutes Mom suddenly burst into tears – I’m not talking about a few glistening drops, she was all-out sobbing and holding on to Dad. We weren’t quite sure what to make of it, but we quickly realized that she was crying with joy! What an awesome moment. 🙂

So that pretty much brings us up to speed, aside from the fact that my body has now caught on to the fact that I am knocked up. I really didn’t feel much of anything in the first few weeks. My boobs were a bit sore and tender. I had a bit of cramping that was very mild, like menstrual cramps but a bit duller and deeper. I seem to just need more sleep lately, which is probably the most unusual symptom for me since I hardly sleep anyway. I NEVER used to nap in the daytime, but it would seem that growing human life makes me sleeping at 2pm. Oh and the voracious hunger. I mean insatiable. I ate four solid meals on Saturday, and not one of them touched my hunger pains. Everyone talks about how at this stage of pregnancy all you feel like your tummy can handle are saltines and soda water, and just the smell of some of the food you once loved makes you want to hurl, but I have not found this to be true for me at all! I’m pretty much averted by nothing yet. In fact, the more food I can shovel in these days, the better – which is unbelieveably EVEN MORE than my normal and already disconcerting ability to put away food. Seriously folks, it’s not pretty. Did someone say mac and cheese? Milkshakes? Lemon pound cake? Yes, please! (What the hell? I don’t even LIKE lemon pound cake.) And, I believe the baby is 90% Italian because there are many days when I’d like to put basil on everything. I think I’ve eaten my body weight in pesto in the last few weeks.

And finally, as if sore boobs, exhaustion, cravings, smell intensity, and oh yeah, 6 pee sticks weren’t enough to prove that we have a baby a-cookin’ away, we also have ultrasound pictures!!



There it is!  I feel all tingly inside just looking at the pictures.  It is hard to believe that those pics actually mean I’m growing a human in there!  One that we will get to meet in a mere 33 weeks!!  It’s still a little hard to connect the fact that those little blobs on the screen meant that I have a son or a daughter.  However, we did get to see and hear the little hearbeat bopping away, and that was pretty cool!  These pics were taken at 6 weeks 3 days, and I’ll have another ultrasound at 8 weeks 1 day.  I can’t wait to see how much the little pixie baby has grown in just a couple of weeks’ time!


7 weeks 1 day pregnant


One thought on “Long time no blog.

  1. I was thinking the blogging days were over! So glad you have caught us up. Your story and ultrasound pix are ALMOST enough to make me wanna do it a 4th time. Or maybe I’ll just send Paul to get snipped and live vicariously through you. That sounds more reasonable. SO happy for you!

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